The Sweet Spot: Your Roadmap to Maximum Confidence and Magnetism 

It is difficult to stay energized, motivated and driven to succeed if you tend to think too much, worry incessantly and overanalyze everything. Being “in your head” most of the time is one of the quickest ways to sabotage your success. When you learn to trust your innate power and wisdom, you will see things more clearly and be able to access the vibrant energy that lives inside of you.

  • Exude confidence, power and influence so you get the respect you deserve
  • Feel “turned on” and energized by your goals
  • Light up any room you walk into
  • Be recognized and appreciated for what you do
  • Be more focused and productive so you get more done in less time
  • Reduce anxiety and nervousness
  • Make a great impression every time

You will walk away from this session with techniques for being more articulate and magnetic so it takes less of your energy to have people understand the power, beauty and value that you bring to the table.

The Presence Principle: How to Turn On Your Magnetic Presence and Be Amazing When the Stakes are High

Whether you are giving a presentation, meeting someone important for the first time, or just want to make a great impression wherever you go, being able to “turn on” your magnetic presence will help you radiate confidence.

  • Prepare yourself to walk into any “high-stakes” situation
  • Create deeper connections with potential clients, leaving them confident in your ability to help them
  • Speak articulately and with a strong and inviting voice
  • Manage nervousness and anxiety
  • Activate your greatest source of magnetic, charismatic power

The Sweet Spot: The Powerful Yet Approachable Leader

Learn to amplify your personal power and use it to project confidence, power and warmth.

  • Balance your strength, confidence and focus with a sense of warmth that will make you much less intimidating and much more approachable
  • Feel more comfortable entering into difficult conversations and performance management conversations
  • Enroll people in your ideas and initiatives
  • Motivate and inspire your team members
  • Techniques for feeling strong, grounded, charismatic and articulate

The Sweet Spot: Achieving Your High-Performance Zone

  • Prepare to gain renewed energy, clarity and a plan for accomplishing more and making the best use of your time!
  • Identify your biggest stress inducers and explore ways to minimize their effect on you so that you can perform at the “top of your game”
  • Get strategies for staying focused and alert
  • Learn how to transform negative thought patterns into positive energy that will propel you forward
  • Learn strategies for effective goal-setting and achievement
  • Explore strategies for getting “in the zone” and experiencing high levels of productivity