Helping audience members develop “Unshakeable Confidence” so that they can build their businesses by being powerful and magnetic walking billboards for their businesses.

When you have a powerful and magnetic presence, people will pay attention to you.

Potential clients will be drawn to you. You will attract the people and opportunities that you desire to help you realize your vision and make a difference with your work.
How you carry yourself and how you are perceived by others determines your level of success.

Michelle will deliver strategies and techniques that your attendees can begin applying immediately to:

  • Speak with confidence and clarity
  • Knock it out of the park when the stakes are high
  • Reduce nervousness and anxiety when speaking in public
  • Get over not wanting to be “salesy” or “pushy”
  • Activate their greatest source of charismatic power
  • Become more comfortable receiving attention
  • Articulate the value of their services effectively
  • Make a great impression when it really counts

Best-Selling Author
Keynote Speaker
Peak Performance Coach

Michelle Baca is a personal presence expert for people who want to communicate with confidence, power and influence. She helps her clients and audiences achieve their high-performance zone by helping them reduce nervousness, anxiety and self-consciousness. She teaches techniques for developing a powerful and magnetic presence, which enables her clients to make a great impression every time and attract the right kind of attention and opportunities into their lives.

If you want to succeed,
you have to Stand Out and Be Seen.